Are there any ordinary people? John Legend seems to think so. He wrote a song about it. He says, We’re just ordinary people. We don’t know which way to go.

His lyrics are filled with maybes… maybe we’ll live and learn, maybe we’ll crash and burn… maybe this, maybe that, blah, blah, blah. He’s clearly so confused, and lost. I can relate. I once was lost too.

So what is ordinary anyway? By definition, ordinary isn’t all that glamorous. In fact, one would hope NOT to be ordinary by how Dictionary.com would define the word. Mediocre. Average. Unexceptional. Am I that kind of ordinary? Let’s see.

I consider myself a regular girl who loves coffee, candy corn and cupcakes. I love to read, write, and eat, but hate to cook. I’m sensitive, self-conscious, and sarcastic. And I prefer people watching more than socializing.

Sounds pretty ordinary, commonplace, so far. Yes?

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