Interview (1+2)


Me: What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Cancer’

Kikie: *looking so bored*Some deadly disease 
Me: What do you mean by ‘deadly disease’
Kikie:Like that disease that like,it’s a certain disease,let’s say that like there are different types and some are curable some are not..but a lot of people die form it every year.*so many ‘likes’*
Me: Have you ever had someone close to you die from cancer?
Kikie: No contact whatsoever 
Me: How would you feel if someone close to you died from it?
Kikie: If it could have been avoided  it would have been very sad and devastating but it couldn’t,it will be like a normal death *feeling sad because she thinks he’s not emotional enough*
Me:What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Cancer’
James: *in deep thoughts* Well,the first thing that comes to mind is death because I know it’s an incurable disease but then I also come to think about encouragement since I was taught by our preacher that the only cure of it is the faith in God;so it also brings to me trust.
Me: So you think it’s totally incurable?
James: Medically,I think it is curable unless its found out in its early stages.
Me:  What type of cancer do you know of?
James: Kidney Cancer
Me: Do you know their scientific names?
James: No,I don’t but I just know them by the parts they affect like brain cancer,kidney cancer etc.
Me: Have you had anyone close to you die of cancer?
James: Well I’ve never heard of anyone butI’ve heard and seen of those who have it but they are still living by now.
Me:How would you feel if someone close to you died from it?
James: Well,death is a loss so that will bring about unhappiness. And to an extent,I will feel like God doesn’t really love me.
Me: But what if it was the case where the cancer the person had was curable but you didn’t know,so you used your own treatment methods..What will you do..and how would you feel?
James:First,I’ll feel like its my fault because I didn’t provide the right treatment but it would also give some kind of encouragement that we shouldn’t keep professional issues to ourselves but we should give a chance to the people in charge to do their part 
Me: Do you think you need more knowledge on cancer or you don’t thing it’s that important? 
James: I think it is because we have to be aware of surrounding issues because anything can happen at any time.

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