Stupid Ugly Foreigner

We had developed a weird tendency to severely underestimate physical challenge. Our bus from Chiang Rai deposited us somewhere nondescript in the Thai border town of Chiang Khong, and we half-remembered assurances from the internet that the Lao border was eminently walkable. Tuk-tuks swarmed us the moment we disembarked our bus and scooted impatiently alongside us for the first ten minutes of our walk.

“It’s hot,” they noted, although clearly we felt it more than they. We had our backpacks, and we had just been on a bus for three hours, and also it was noon. Didn’t we  want to rest our weary, shambling corpses in this trundling convenience wagon?

“No thanks!” we chirped. “We love walking!” We were idiots.

About six kilometers and several soaked t-shirts later, we arrived at the border and shakily produced our exit cards, dripping and stained with sweat as they were. We could barely…

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If only

Quite recently,i was told that a young neighbour’s husband died of diabetes.His death could have easily been avoided.You see,this couple recently had a baby and because they can’t take care of their baby alone,the wife moved to her parents house.So he visits her often at his in-laws house but there was this one night he complained of feeling sick so he called for his friend to take him to his parents house which was not far from where he was at the moment.When he got there,because he felt his illness was getting worse,his parents to him to a nearby hospital.More like a nasty old community clinic which looks like it has been abandoned for years. Due to the poor health care there,they just assumed he had malaria and put him on drip(which has a high glucose level)He was later discharged from the hospital. Later on,he got worse and his father in-law took him to a different hospital..actually a private on where they wisely decided to check his sugar level.When they checked,they realised that it was 36!!!!!!OMG!! and under normal circumstances,the maximums should be about 6. The man suddenly fell into a coma and died leaving behind his wife of whom he has been married to for just about a year and his baby who is just a few months old now.There are certain things that could have been easily avoided and this case is one typical example.I dedicate all my blog post this week to them.Much Love.Image