The Reality

The list below is a list that was created by a cancer patient(lets call her Anna)who had numerous doctors coming to check on her but found nothing.But when this last doctor came,he changed everything.Although he didnt find much,he interacted with his patient and actually treated her like she actually existed contrary to how the other doctors before him behaved.You see,after every doctor,she’ll give a hand signal to her mum showing how many marks the doctor got for his/her services and below 5 was the normal mark but this time,when the last doctor came,he got a 10.People may not really see this as important or relevant but you see,the Doctor-Patient relationship is also very vital as part of the recovery process. Anyway,this was the Anna’s criteria:

  1. The doctor looks at the patient when talking to her.
  2. The doctor talks to the patient (and not only to the parent).
  3. The doctor asks a general question about how the patient is feeling—and then listens to the answer.
  4. The doctor asks permission before touching the patient. (i.e. May I look up your nose?)
  5. The visit should not happen at an outrageously early time of the morning (teens like to sleep in).
  6. The doctor does not ask personal questions (about bowel movements and menstrual periods) in front of a whole team.
  7. Read the chart, so you don’t ask the same question as the doctor or nurse who was just in the room 5 minutes ago.
  8. The doctor is respectful.
  9. The doctor pulls up a chair and does not tower over you in the bed.
  10. The doctor is good looking.

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